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Chi Kung & Tai Chi

Improved Balance Walking,
Part 1 -
4 mins


Special training in walking forward & backward.

Improved Balance Walking,
Part 2 -
7 mins

Special training in walking
sideways, forward & backward


Seated Exercise
for Wrists & Ankles -
2 mins

Easy movements that can be used to
ease chronic aches & pain; comfort joints
in elbows, arms, wrists, hands, fingers,
knees, legs, ankles, feet & toes.

Seated & Standing Spine Exercise,
Part 1 Leg lifts & Kicks -
6.34 mins

Safe strengthening for core muscles
that support your lower back.


Seated Spine Exercise,
Part 2 CORE -
  5 mins


More safe training to strengthen core
muscles that support your lower back.


5 ELEMENT TAI CHI - 3 mins
Standing practice.



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