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Sue Michaelsen
Chi Kung • Tai Chi • Kung Fu

Teacher Certification

001  Mr. Eric Schroeder,
Rockford, IL USA Completed
150 Hours of Training July 8, 2015
photo by Gale Wallace

Sue Michaelsen, Certifies this
student as 5th Generation
Member Instructor of the
“Wu Yi Jie He” family lineage
Chinese Martial Arts
& Chinese Medicine
Combined Teaching System
and is qualified to impart this
Training to dedicated students.

PErsonalized Training
by Appt: 815-229-5965
60 minutes:  $55
30 minutes:  $35
 Pre-pay for 3 sessions:  save $15

Chinese Martial Arts & Chinese Medicine
Combined Teaching System
for Prevention & Health
( 武医结合  WU YI JIE HE )

Consultations Available in:
Therapeutic Chi Kung,
 Traditional Tai Chi & Kung Fu
Chen, Sun, Yang, Tan Tui, Fan, Sword
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Texts & DVDs Required for Training:
Chi Kung, Tai Chi & Fan
by Master Helen X. Wu
Sword Imperatives
by Grand Master Ju Rong Wang
& Master Wen Ching Wu

Internal Martial Arts
for Health & Healing

Teacher Certification
Includes 150 Hours of
Private Training in
Therapeutic Chi Kung,
Tai Chi, Fan and Sword
Per student's request,
Training can include Kung Fu

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