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Chi Kung • Tai Chi • Kung Fu
Sit or Stand

3350 N. Bell School Rd., IL 61114
Please Enroll FREE with RVC 815-921-3900



9 AM Tai Chi Form & Skills Review

10 AM Practice Chi Kung
with 100+ Cities & 60+ Countries

10:30 AM Tai Chi Class Demo
by Rock Valley College Tai Chi Students

10:30 AM - 2 PM
Beautiful Henna Art on Attendees
by very talented
   Rockford University Spanish Club

11 AM Dance Performance
by Rock Valley College Multicultural Club

11:30 AM Chinese Brush Painting
& Calligraphy with Li Slough
Trained 10 years with Hong Kong Masters,
Li Slough, Rockford Art Museum Member,
teaches these exquisite arts for
Womanspace and Rock Valley College.

12:45 PM  Self Care
with Chi Kung Self Massage

1:30 PM  Intro to Tai Chi Fan & Sword
(fans & swords available to borrow)

Relax Stress & Tension
Improve Memory
Find Balance & Coordination
Build Strength & Useful Energy
Soothe Aches & Pain

Tai Chi Photos by Master Helen Xiaorong Wu. Banner by Gale Wallace.


True Source of Traditional Training
Chinese Martial Arts & Chinese Medicine
Combined Teaching System
武医结合  WU YI JIE HE )


Rock Valley College Tai Chi Photos by Cas Domalewski..

Rock Valley College Tai Chi Photo by Cas Domalewski.
Zion Development SwedishAmerican Health Sr Wellness Tai Chi photos by Krystal Shuga
Rock Valley College Tai Chi Photos by Cas Domalewski Photography.


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Tai Chi & Chi Kung can help you
Improve memory ~ Relieve muscle ache ~ Increase balance

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